Control Room Design | Control Center Consoles, Video Wall Systems

IA-TechCenter provides control center consoles and video wall systems. We are experts in control room design with over 20 years’ experience.

These environments monitor and control a wide array of information. Utility Management & Process Control Centers demand the most reliable equipment to keep operations running continuously. For such a specialized operations center, choosing the right control room integrator can make all the difference. We offer customizable solutions for display walls, including LED and LCD projection cubes and flat panels. Our processing, routing and control systems allow your control room applications to be seamlessly spanned over a large display wall area with no loss of image quality. 

IA-TechCenter offers a full line of operations center desks and technology furniture.  As operators in these rooms often have lengthy shifts, we design and manufacture furniture options that focus on ergonomics and operator comfort. Our sit/stand consoles allow operators more freedom of movement which can increase productivity. In addition, we offer control room conference and collaboration furniture, credenzas and pod workstations for all areas of your control room area.

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