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Saul Troen

Professor Saul B. Troen

Professor Saul B. Troen is a renaissance person – a scholar and inventor. As a shaker and a mover, he blends education and technology to enhance creative intellectual development and leadership values in learners and teachers of all ages. His expertise includes distance learning strategies, strategic planning, curricula design, and community development. He leads by defining, encouraging, building, and communicating values and goals.

Troen is a native of Boston, MA, and a graduate of Boston Latin School. He holds an undergraduate degree from Brandeis University, an MA degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and The Graduate School for Political Management, and an MS degree from the New York Institute of Technology. His Ph.D. is from New York University.

Professor Troen’s expertise spans several radically different areas. On the one hand, he is a scholar of the Ancient Near East. On the other hand, he is an expert and resource person for the use of technology for education to telemedicine and distance learning.

Professor Troen has served in several professions ranging from classroom teacher to inventor. Early on, he established himself as an innovator for using technology in support of learning and training. He was Vice President of Education for several technology start-up companies, founded a Teacher Development Institute in New York City, and helped launch a strategic partnership between an American and Chinese Company. He guided the design of the first 5-year technology plan for the State of New Jersey and was a technology consultant to the DOE of New York City.

He introduced video-telephones into the USA and worked with the Veterans Administration to formulate telehealth programs. He holds the registration for the original concept and design for The SmartClassroom® and recently received a patent that enables digital information to be read without using computers, the Internet, or the app. This technology is used to convert mobile phones into mobile classes enabling students who do not have computers or stable Internet access to learn anywhere and anytime. Thereby providing equal education opportunities for all.

In the past two decades, Professor Troen has been on the faculty of the Hunter College Department of Classical Studies, BramsonOrt College’s Department of Computer Sciences and Distant Learning, and Metropolitan College of New York’s Department of Human Services and Education.

Professor Troen’s philosophy is to do what is in the best interest of the country. He is acutely aware of the need for an intellectual social educational network for exchanging ideas and information to create a global community of visionaries to be in the vanguard of our rapidly changing society and improve people’s lives.