The Future of Wearables: How Wearable Tech Will Change Everything

Wearable Tech

It’s one of the big buzzwords of the moment, the “Internet of Things”. It’s been dubbed as the next industrial revolution – or as businesses call it – Industry 4.0. Between that and A.I, there’s enough to overwhelm even the most tech-savvy. There’s talk of toasters that use machine learning to make the perfect toast, refrigerators that can order their own milk and butter when reserves are low (no more running to the corner shop before breakfast), and even buildings that have voice activation and temperature control according to the weather.

There’s a lot to anticipate over the next few years in the way we run our lives and our homes. But one of the developments that is perhaps much more tangible and accessible to everyone is wearable devices. IoT driven wearables are set to change everything, and this interactive infographic shows us exactly what to expect in our lifetime.

Here is the wearable tech that will be possible in the very near future!

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