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COVID-19 Emergency Fund
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Covid-19 Emergency Fund $5,365 of our $250,000 target has been raised. As our community is dealing with the personal loss, health issues and economic crisis brought on by COVID- 19, Interactive America, Inc. remains committed to be a source of strength, resilience and growth and available to provide access to all relevant and financial support services during these uncertain times.

For a limited time, one-time emergency grants of up $400 is available for veterans and their families.

Priority will be given to Veterans meeting one of the following criteria:
1. A family member had Covid- 19 and is now struggling with health expenses;
2. Have lost employment due to Covid- 19 and are not yet receiving unemployment; and
3. Have reduced employment due to Covid- 19 and are now struggling with food insecurity.

Other program benefits and criteria:
– Screening for eligibility for benefits and services (including rent relief and pandemic insurance)
– Financial counseling to review budget, credit and debt
– Employment assistance as necessary

In order to be considered for this emergency cash grant, please complete this brief pre-screening application for eligibility:

For a limited time, one time emergency grants of up to $400 are available for veterans and their families.

We encourage all to apply as additional grants will become available soon!