We serve veterans because they've served us.

We offer a home to those who have protected ours. Whenever a veteran doesn't have any place to go, it's an honor to give them a place to rest their head, a hot meal, help finding employment, and a fresh start.

Why IA-Veterans Village

Veterans make up 8% of the homeless population in the U.S.

Homelessness, PTSD, self-medication, and addiction have caused those who gave everything to lose everything.

Veterans often find themselves battling loneliness and depression years after returning home. IA-Veterans Village is committed to standing beside those who stood up for us and combating veteran homelessness by offering a variety of veteran services to meet their needs. Whether it’s phone cards to call home, wheelchair assistance, or a friendly smile and companionship for the afternoon, we’re always ready to come to their aid.

  • Those who fought to protect us often find themselves battling PTSD and drug and alcohol addiction after returning home.
  • At IA-Veterans Village, we offer recovery and work programs in addition to other veteran services to help our country's bravest overcome these struggles and return home to their families.

Check out our full range of services offered at Veterans Village.

What Services Do We Offer?

IA-Veterans Village has 7 structures on 10.44 acres. Our community spans 8 miles long and is 15 minutes from the County Circuit Court. IA-Veterans Village is a one-stop solution providing: Rehabilitation & Stabilization, Veteran Housing, Education & Training, and Reintegration.

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Transitional Housing

For eligible veterans who are homeless or at imminent risk of being homeless and want to achieve a smooth transition into permanent housing

Temporary Housing

To help homeless veterans become independent in mainstream society

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Bridge Housing

Short-term transitional housing for veterans who have been offered and accepted a permanent housing intervention