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Given everything that veterans have done to serve our country, many assume that when a veteran has suffered a disability, receiving the benefits they’re owed would be a given. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Our team provides legal help for veterans through dedicated veteran legal services.

Veteran Disability

If you sustained an injury or illness during your active military service, you might qualify for benefits through the Veteran’s Disability program.

Disability Claims

Online: You can file your claim online by answering a few basic questions, which will take you to the form you’ll need to complete.

Pension benefits

The veteran’s disability doesn’t need to be connected or related to the veteran’s military service to receive pension benefits.

Benefits Attorney

We’ll protect your rights and fight hard to recover the maximum benefit payments you deserve.

You're In Good Company

We focused on finding efficient and effective legal solutions

It has been our honor to represent disabled veterans for 30 years. We leverage our knowledge and experience to help veterans develop and present strong claims to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs through legal assistance for veterans. We know the breadth of evidence that needs to be included to ensure that you receive the disability compensation benefits, medical benefits, and other veteran benefits that are due.

  • Initial Applications filed {Pro-Bono}
  • Appeals and Representation to the VA and the Board of Veterans’ Appeals
  • Federal Appeals to the Court of Appeals for Veterans’ claims
  • Survivors pension of wartime veterans
  • Spousal, dependents, and caregiver supplemental benefits
  • Survivor benefits for service connected deaths
  • Unemployability claims – Total disability due to individual unemployability
  • Reopening of claims based on SUE-clear and unmistakable error
  • Special monthly compensation
  • Aid and attendance and housebound allowance
  • Discharge upgrades

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